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Modern life, the economic crisis, great distances and lack of time threaten face-to-face encounters and invite more and more to explore new forms of communication and sexuality, of negligible cost that allow you to spend hours on the computer or telephone. Buying cheap viagra is easy should you ever need it during a sex show/

Even in the same city

Far from being a taboo topic, sex from a distance has become necessary for some couples and even an ingredient that brings great vitality to the relationship. It is even something that many couples, even those who live in the same city, practice because of the seasoning it brings.

The sexual desire killers

The teenagers and their photos

A recent study conducted by the Department of Psychology at the University of Utah, researchers interviewed about 600 adolescents between 14 and 18 years and found that about 20 percent confessed to having sent a sexually explicit photo of them on the phone.

An endless chain

Of those who have received a sexually explicit photo of another, 25 percent indicated that they have passed it on to others, without being aware of the legal consequences of what they were doing, the researchers report. Also phone sex is fun and a great way to meet new women.

Music and moans

“Auditory stimuli can also provoke a lot of eroticisms both the music and the moans excite”, explains the Puerto Rican sexologist Alessandra Rampolla in her book “The Erotic Goddess” and adds that depending on the relationship you can use romantic or hotter expressions to create the weather.

What happens with the orgasm?

It is possible to achieve orgasm through virtual sex, explains Chilean sexologis psychict Christian Thomas of the Center for the Study of Sexuality. What eroticizes us is not a pair of breasts of any woman for example, but the fantasy of being with that person that we want and desire, he adds.

Plan the next meeting

It is good that the couple has an approximate date of psychic reunion, experts recommend. The period of separation cannot be undefined, that will allow making plans and letting fantasies about that encounter that will spice up the wait and make the effort worthwhile.

Increase your sexual desire today

A novel device

In times of virtual communication, tools have emerged, which is a vibrator that can be activated with the voice of your partner. It can be connected to a music player (iphone, ipod or mp3) and you can also manually choose between seven vibration intensities.

Have fun

It is shown that stress is one of the killers of sexual desire and often happens when the two arrive home are exhausted and burdened by work. In that context, everything that can help break that routine, like preparing a bath or taking a special photo, will add up. For the Stripper sex show this is a very important matter.

The danger of idealization

Having virtual contact and at the chosen moment can lead to a great danger: idealization and thinking that everything is perfect in the other. While this is a normal stage in any process of falling in love, when it comes to relationships at a distance the danger is much greater.

Helpful tips

Remote relationships are possible. We have heard innumerable stories from couples who have long-distance relationships: some people know each other over the Internet and it can be a long time until they see each other for the first time. Here are some tips to keep sex at a distance.